2010 4-H Fair Results
2010 4-H Fair Results
July 14, 2010

Justin, the kid next door who got me back into rocketry, and Jaclyn, his sister, are 4-H members; I'm their Project Leader for Aerospace, which in my book means rocketry. This year, Justin showed one rocket at the Knox County, Missouri Fair: His "Bomb," a rocket he designed with OpenRocket to look like, well, a bomb. Jaclyn showed two rockets, a Semroc Saki and an Estes Crossbow SST.

To make a long story short, all three rockets got blue ribbons! Now, it's true there were no other rockets at the Fair, though there was one kid who did Aerospace who was studying airplanes. I wasn't his leader.

Click the pictures for a larger view.

Here's Justin's Bomb with its ribbons. The purple slip of paper identifies it as a project to be sent to the Missouri State Fair. It is the decision of the member whether or not to actually send a selected project item, and neither Justin nor Jaclyn plan to send theirs.

Here's Jaclyn's Saki with its ribbons.

And here's her Crossbow SST with its ribbon. It wasn't selected for the State Fair; another coat or two of white paint might have changed that, but she just didn't have time.

Overall I'm very pleased with how they did. Though it was hard, I managed to keep my hands to myself; what you see in these pictures is pretty much all their work.


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