2011 4-H Fair Results
2011 4-H Fair Results
July 11, 2011

This was a big year for us in 4-H Aerospace: Besides Justin and Jaclyn, we had two additional kids in the project. Their parents have not authorized me to use their names or pictures, so I'll call them T and J. T and J both had two rockets; each had a Semroc Astron and an Estes Baby Bertha. However, they were not able to finish all their rockets in time (each boy had seven Art Hall exhibits as it was), so they showed only their Baby Berthas.

Jaclyn showed three rockets this year: An Estes Hornet, a Semroc BatRok, and a Semroc Goliath. Despite not having enough time to get them as smooth as last year, they came out pretty good.

Justin showed just one rocket: Stripin', a rocket of his own design. It was supposed to be striped (hence the name) but he didn't have time to get that done. There's a common theme here... it's hard to get a good finish in the time between the launch and the Fair.

The best part is, all the kids got blue ribbons on all their rockets. Justin's Stripin', Jaclyn's BatRok, and T's Baby Bertha were all selected for the State Fair; I don't know if T will send his Baby Bertha, but I do know that Justin and Jaclyn are planning to take their rockets.

Click the pictures for a larger view.

J's Baby Bertha

Jaclyn's Hornet and Goliath

State Fair Rockets: Justin's Stripin', Jaclyn's BatRok, T's Baby Bertha

This was another great year for the project; I think all the kids did really well.


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