Back Yard Launch, March 11, 2007
Back Yard Launch
March 11, 2007

Taylor (my daughter), Justin (the neighbor kid I've been teaching about rocketry) and I launched several times today. Yesterday was the first day that would have been fit for rocketry, but I had other commitments, so today was the day.

The air temperature was hovering above 60°F, with winds nominally 5-10 MPH (though I'm not convinced it wasn't a bit more from time to time, the winds being very changeable today). We had SEVERAL launches... we've been stocking up on engines, every time Click here for a four-pack of whichever of their coupons is current.

Here's a rundown of the flights:

My Tinee, on an A3-4T. Came over a bit more than I'd like before popping the engine, and if it weren't for my wife's eagle eyes I would have lost it. I'm afraid to paint it for fear of making it too heavy, so I think I'm going to stain it... darkening it should help me track it in the air.

Justin's 13mm Six, on an A10-3T. Beautiful flight, but the nose cone didn't pop and it lawn-darted.

My Quest Sprint on an A8-3, launched as close to simultaneous as possible. Perfect flights.

My 20+ year old

Justin's Flash and my Sprint on the pads together. Do you think we are concerned about losing them?

Here I am preparing my Alpha to fly. It's probably about 25 years old. The parachute is made from aluminized mylar from a balloon... very good visibility in the air, though for some reason it tends to look black rather than shiny at a distance.


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