Back Yard Launch, August 12, 2007
Back Yard Launch
August 12, 2007

Tonight I launched just three times in my back yard. These launches were mainly for the purpose of testing my new launch controller; I also tried out crepe paper wadding costing less than 1/4 the price of Estes' flame-retardant toilet paper. (Okay, mostly the launch was because I was itching to burn some black powder...)

My Custom Galileo, on an A8-3. Arced badly and was lost in a mess of weeds on the neighbor's place. I'll be replacing this one.

My Semroc Rawhide, on an A8-3. Not the recommended engine, and the delay is a bit too short, but the parachute was damaged as much by scorching as by being deployed too early. The rocket was caught in the air by a neighbor kid.

Taylor's Estes Gauchito, on a 1/2A3-2T. This time I wrapped the chute in a sheet of wadding (after inserting three sheets into the BT) and the chute deployed perfectly. The flight was low and slow; this is an excellent rocket for a small field. Oh, and I caught it in the air... it landed right on top of me.

No pictures this time; we have a new digital camera, and are still working out the details of shooting launches with it.


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