Back Yard Launch, June 24, 2010
Back Yard Launch
June 24, 2010

For about the first time this year, launching conditions were perfect this afternoon. So, I launched a few in the back yard with Taylor (my daughter) pushing the button and helping to retrieve them. Sorry, no pictures this time.

First up was one of my paper Slidewhistle rockets, on an A10-3T. It spun somewhat going up, which is apparently not unusual for the design, and we were able to track it visually the whole time; it was recovered undamaged not far from the pad.

Next was the first flight of my Lo Flier, on an A10-3T. It went off the rod fast, flew straight, ejected near apogee, and came down on the edge of the street. Ouch. But there was only minor damage to one fin.

Next was Taylor's Gauchito on an A10-3T. It went up very straight and ejected near apogee, but the parachute didn't unfold. It was coming in very fast, and not more than five feet from the ground the chute finally opened. Whew.

I launched my Easter-egg painted Semroc Mark next, on an A10-3T. It turned in a good flight but landed hard on the pavement, breaking one fin in half; I'll repair it and it will fly again.

I loaded up an A10-3T in my mini-X24 Bug and launched it; it went up amazingly straight, ejected just past apogee, and came down nose-first in the grass.

The only non-A10-3T flight of the day was my Baby Bertha on an A8-3. Never again. It flew nicely up, but was coming in ballistic when it ejected at about three feet. No damage, amazingly.

We loaded up the Bug twice more, and had two more perfect flights; the last flight came down practically right on top of me, and I almost caught it.


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