Back Yard Launch, October 4, 2010
Back Yard Launch
October 4, 2010

I've been itching to launch a few more rockets, and tonight was just beautiful. I knew I'd only have about an hour of daylight to launch in, but fortunately I had prepared a few low-fliers (including my Lo Flier) in advance. Tracy took the pictures, as usual, and Taylor and her friend Jaclyn assisted with the recovery. Click the pictures for a larger view.

Mark ready to launch, then returning

I started with my poor, ugly Semroc Mark on an A10-3T. It was a perfect flight, though it arched to the south a bit more than I liked. I tilted the pad to the north a bit before the next flight. Taylor almost caught this one, which would set the tone for the evening.

Mini Bug on the pad (smoke is from the previous flight)

Next up was my Mini X-24 Bug on an A10-3T. It was a typical flight, fast off the rod, low flight, ejecting the engine after turning over. The engine casing almost hit Tracy, while the rocket nosed into the grass a bit further away.

Lo Flier on the rod and returning

I launched my Lo Flier on an A3-4T next. The shock cord got scorched and stuck inside the body, but enough came out for the streamer to deploy. It'll need a little work before I fly it again.

Gauchito ignition and recovery

I launched Taylor's Gauchito next, on an A3-4T. Obviously I didn't use enough wadding here either, as the chute was slightly melted. Thankfully, it landed in the grass and, other than the chute, was not damaged.

Flying Saucer launch

I flew my 30 year old Centuri Flying Saucer next, on a C6-3. As I've noted before, the rocket is supposed to be flown with a C6-0 booster engine; I'm just cheap. It's a bit dirty now, but it still flies fine. I do warn my recovery crew not to try to catch it (see below for the reason why).

I rigged another A10-3T and launched the Mini Bug again; it was a carbon copy of the first flight.

Second Saucer flight returning

Last, I put another C6-3 into my Flying Saucer; this time the Saucer arched to the east instead of to the north, embedding one of the antennas in the dirt. No damage.

It was a good evening for launching. Maybe I can go a few days now without launching any more...


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