Justin's Launch, May 11, 2011
Justin's Launch
May 11, 2011

Justin's school had a science-related event, which sadly I don't know the name of, and he came to me and asked if he could borrow my launch stand and controller to have a public launch. I was unable to attend due to work, but I sent him off with the equipment he requested, four rockets (a couple of his own, a used Estes RTF I got from a school, and my Triskelion), 12 engines, and my long range box (where I keep my regular launch rods).

He flew a total of six times, including one flight of my Triskelion on a B6-4. It was just a tad windy, and the Triskelion drifted into a nearby road, breaking off two of the fin-tip pieces; I'll repair it, and it will fly again. Evidently Justin flew the RTF several times, probably favoring it because it didn't mean anything to either of us (so losing it wouldn't hurt).

I've since had a few good reports on his presentation. Evidently he did quite well.


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