Back Yard Launch, July 24, 2011
Back Yard Launch
July 24, 2011

After a week of really sweltering weather, things cooled off somewhat today. I walked out into the late afternoon sunshine, noted the wind had laid, and realized that I could launch a few. My daughter Taylor had a couple of friends over, and they helped with the launch and recovery.

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Modified Mini Max launch and return

First to fly was my modified Mini Max on an A10-3T. It was a pretty flight, arcing just slightly to the east, and recovering within the yard. One fin was broken (torn from the tube) upon landing, but I've already glued it back in place.

Nova launch and return

Next was my Centuri Nova clone on an A3-4T. I reoriented the stand a little, trying for a perfectly straight flight; it wasn't, but it wasn't bad either, going higher than the fatter modified Mini Max, and recovering undamaged within the yard.

Mini Max ignition and return

Last up was my mostly stock Mini Max on an A3-4T. It was also a good flight, landing in our sweet corn patch. No damage was noted.


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