Back Yard Launch, July 29, 2022
Back Yard Launch
July 29, 2022

So upon my arrival home from the 4-H Launch I was greeted by the still-excellent weather conditions, and was itching to launch a little more. I prepped four of my "back yard" rockets and hauled my launch gear out to fly them.

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3/4 Scale X-24 Bug On The Stand

The first flight was my 3/4 Scale X-24 Bug, flying for the first time in ten years on an A10-3T. It turned in an excellent flight, almost identical to its other flights... straight up, eject, and then:

3/4 Scale X-24 Bug Recovery

... straight down nose first into the grass. No damage, of course, and this old bird will fly again.

Moonraker Launch

Next up was my Centuri Moonraker clone on an A10-3T. I should have known this was too much engine for this little rocket... it ignited, and that's the last I saw of it. I'll have to build another, of course.

Lo Flier Launch

I launched my Lo Flier next, on an A10-3T (yes, I just burned a pack of these engines at this launch). It flew high and straight, and drifted east, passing over the trees and landing safely in the grass. My luck, however, ran out here.

Mini Max Launch

Last for the day was my Estes Mini Max, on the last A10-3T in the pack.

Mini Max Recovery

The flight was high and fairly straight, but despite making an adjustment at the stand it still drifted east, ending up caught high in a tree:

Mini Max In A Tree

Even with a fairly egregious violation of the safety code, I am just not getting this one down. It's WAY up there. Maybe I'll rescue the nose cone eventually. But I have another one in the bag to build, and build it I will. Probably not stock this time though.


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