Forgottonia Rocketry Group Launch, September 2, 2023
Forgottonia Rocketry Group Launch
September 2, 2023

So I got word just a week or so ago that the Macomb NAR section, Forgottonia Rocketry Group, was having a launch on September 2nd. Naturally I attended. We had a part of Vince Grady Field at WIU; the launch officially started at 6:00pm and wrapped up by around 7:15pm. Wind speeds were around 5-10 MPH, and we had some issues with drifting; a few rockets were lost to the trees, but all of my flights were recovered successfully.

Mo' Skeeter Launch Prep — Provided by Greg Montalvo

Mo' Skeeter Ready and Return — Photos by Tracy Gonnerman

My first flight was the first of the night, my Mo' Skeeter on a B6-4. It flew as beautifully as ever, drifting almost to the far end of the field but recovering safely in the grass, with no visible damage.

Der Redship Max Ignition — Photo by Tracy Gonnerman

Next I flew my Der Redship Max on a B6-2. This rocket should have flown at the June 3rd launch, but I had forgotten to install a launch lug; I painted one and attached it under the black wing with JB Weld epoxy. I did not know how high this one would fly, and I had already seen one rocket lost in the trees, so I chickened out and did not load a C6-3 as I had intended. The rocket had a low flight, but the recovery nose-down under parachute worked perfectly and the fins were undamaged. Unfortunately, the wadding did not clear from the tail cone and it was deformed by the retained heat. Not sure if it will fly again.

Goonybird Zero Prep and Launch — Photos by Tracy Gonnerman

Goonybird Zero Ready — Provided by Greg Montalvo

I prepped my Goonybird Zero for its first flight on a B6-4, and it flew just as beautifully as the Mo' Skeeter had, with less drift due to reduced wind speed.

Goonybird Zero Liftoff — Provided by Greg Montalvo

Goonybird Zero Flight and Return — Provided by Greg Montalvo

Goonybird Zero Safe Return — Photos by Tracy Gonnerman

There was some minor damage at the trailing edge of one fin, and I'm not sure if I'm going to try to fix it or leave it alone; it's flyable as is.

Harpoon Launch Prep — Provided by Greg Montalvo

Harpoon Ready and Go — Photos by Tracy Gonnerman

Next up was my Quest Harpoon on a B6-4. The flight was lower than I intended, but went like clockwork with a good recovery not too far from the stand.

Harpoon Liftoff — Provided by Greg Montalvo

Harpoon Ascent — Provided by Greg Montalvo

Harpoon Deploys — Provided by Greg Montalvo

Harpoon Recovery — Provided by Greg Montalvo

I was so happy with that flight that I immediately started prepping the same rocket for a flight on a C6-5. Just then, Greg Montalvo, club president, asked if we were done for the evening. I spoke up, and he allowed another rack of flights; a few others took advantage of this last opportunity, as the sun was getting low in the sky.

Harpoon Ready, Ignition, Launch — Photos by Tracy Gonnerman

So I flew my Quest Harpoon again, this time on a C6-5 as noted. It was a good straight flight with an excellent recovery inside the field. I could not be happier with the results.

Harpoon Deploys — Photo by Tracy Gonnerman

Harpoon Returning Safely — Photo by Tracy Gonnerman

I want to thank Greg and the other FRG rocketeers for making me welcome in their midst once again. I'm hoping I can continue to join them, and looking forward to participating in one of their mid-power launches. launch20230902-009_gm.jpg


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